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The Breaking of Goody Boothe  by  Joshua Lohrius

The Breaking of Goody Boothe by Joshua Lohrius
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I rarely read books more than once but I have read The Breaking of Goody Boothe cover to cover several times.This is a darkly hilarious book that manages to be both sublimely entertaining and darkly thought-provoking, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered about the influence of nature versus nurture.Goody and Van are each presented in their own words from their own points of view, and their profound differences initially make it seem that they might be from separate species.

As the story develops, we see how similar their backgrounds truly are. They seem to suffer from completely different sets of circumstances, but I think its really more that theyre on opposite ends of the same situation. The Breaking of Goody Boothe forces the reader to confront issues of family influence, love, personality, and the concept of what it truly means to be a self-made success.This book has something for everyone.

You want alcoholics? Workaholics? Mohawked wrestlers punching themselves in the face? A crazy billionaire, a nerdy drug dealer, a lisping coach, auto-erotic electro-stimulation, Vietnamese gangsters, and a lone grape at the bottom of a bowl of generic gelatin you cant help but crave? Its all here.Trust me on this one. Read it.

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